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You came through like a hurricane.
The calm before when you said my name.
Tearing everything apart
when you left and broke my heart.
Now I have a house but no home.
Just a place to lay my head at night, alone.
I had a sickness, thought you'd cure me,
on that night you said you'd never hurt me,
Shoulda known you didn't mean it.
It was coming all along, wish I'd seen it.
Like every hurricane victim, I'll pack up and move on.
But I'll never let anyone else make me their moron.
If nothing else, this year taught me the most.
Like don't let anyone too close.
Never put my guard down.
No other an will ever turn my life upside down.
Now I know you weren't the best ever,
but you were the best yet.
There will never be another Hurricane...
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It's a super nova star.
A big black hole in the middle of me.
Doubt creeps up slowly,
it's fingers light on each lung.
It's pressure has me gasping.
It's a mad dog gnawing,
scratching and growling,
tearing me apart.
Fear takes ahold and shakes me.
Breaking my neck.
Feeling every snap.
It's a wild fire.
The flames licking up my legs.
Blistering me all over.
Scarring and bleeding.
Just take it away.
Embalm me with Novocain.
Pain is not better than nothing.
Give me nothing, just stop the pain.
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I wanted to sit beside you
and watch the world end,
Never thought I'd have to say,
"he's just a friend."
Sweet dreams with vibrant colours
of you erase my fear.
Waking up with your side of the bed
still empty is a nightmare.
The walls around all scream
your name to me.
Every thought I have begging
you to come back to me,
:iconmegan-malicious:Megan-Malicious 0 0
Shades of blue.
Vodka in the living room,
tequila in the bedroom.
No one can tell just how much I've consumed.
I'm just drunk enough to admit I miss you.
Every dream I have says "starring him"
I would take you back on your stupidest whim.
Every star I've seen since you is dim.
Every tightrope I've walked since you is thin.
I can't pretend I think you're good for me.
I just need to see what we could be.
I miss the sound of your key.
Without you I'll never be free.
You told me to move on.
I have no choice now that you're gone.
Just know every dream has been far too long.
So I lay awake until dawn.
Waiting for your skin,
waiting for your sin.
Waiting for your poison,
to sink back in.
"You need to stop blaming yourself for me dumping you."
But, really, what else am I supposed to do?
Because you couldn't love me too.
Now every colour is a shade of blue.
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All I want
I remember when you said,
"I want you always"
Well I suppose we must be dead
if you're so far away.
We made plans.
We would travel the world
and write our names in the sand.
Now you're empty with lips curled,
"I know what I want and it's not you."
Now you're off to be free.
I'm stuck here with the ghosts of us two,
And nothing I can do will fix me.
I don't remember life before your smile.
You say I don't know what I want.
But oh, you're off by miles.
You don't want to make me something I'm not.
You already did, you made me happy.
By the way, all I want is you.
Without you, it all seems tacky.
All I want is you, and no one else will do.
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The first time I saw you,
I knew you were special.
Now nothing's changed except the scenery.
When I first looked into your eyes,
I wanted nothing more but to get behind them,
break down the windows to your soul
and take a stroll.
I wanted you then.
I love you now.
You're everything i've prated for
and then some.
My skin wrapped with yours
and I'm home.
Your smell lingering,
your taste on my lips.
That's all I need.
All I dream of.
:iconmegan-malicious:Megan-Malicious 2 0
Floating off into space
running my fingers over the laugh lines on your face
The stars smile,
not even half the shine I see in you.
The man in the moon and mother nature's
got nothing on us two,
You're all I need, there will never be another.
I wish you'd see what I see when you look in the mirror.
Wish you could crawl inside and be me.
Know how I feel when your voice is all I hear.
There would be no doubt, no pain, not hate.
You'd see beauty, you'd see love.
Just come around before it's too late.
It's a long fall from this far above,
the world and all you fear.
We never have to go back to that place.
Let's just stay right here.
Floating high into space.
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Glass Houses
You throw your stones at my glass house.
Now I'll take these shards and lay them in your bed.
So you can sleep like I do,
hurt like I do.
I can't tell you that I'm okay right now.
You'll never know how deep you cut me.
Thought I was headin' for
"Till death do us part"
Turns out I was in the fast lane to
a broken heart.
Seems like fucking good things up
is my only talent.
I'll never forgive myself.
For hurting me, I'll never forgive you.
But for being you,
I'll never hate you.
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Life is Random
And it's just power.
Power... Is in the eye of the beholder?
And who defines it and
what defines it.
The lines it draws, or are drawn.
Or perhaps beauty, which is objective.
Like leftover hugs from last week when you were
Weed, speed, meth, death, ether, either.
Fat and skinny and serious and silly and
Words are supposed to make sentences.
Sentences are supposed to make sense.
Sense is boring.
Emotion is real.
Real is life.
Life is random.
Writing is life.
Writing is random.
Words spill out, ideas are racing.
Racing out of my fingers, too fast to hit the keys
in proper order.
Typing typing.
Writers block consumes.
Random words to consume the beast.
Just keep typing. Keep thinking.
That's all that lives in the dusty hallway
Thoughts in boxes hiding from the light
sinking in my ears and into my brain
no more thinking
no more creativity.
"It's cold in here."
A curious thought breaks from the box and l
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I had a dream last night. I was on a balance beam way up high.
And in this dream, I felt so free I could nearly fly.
It was such a long way down, but still I felt safe and content.
In the back of my mind, I kept wondering what it all meant.
The breeze was cool againt my face.
It seemed as if it were ther world, wrapped in a soft lace.
Gentle and soft. Perfect and plain.
I felt happiness and peace, I finally felt sane.
On this bar, I felt I couldn't fall. It was security. It was bliss.
As I woke, I wished I could go back to this.
You make think it's dull. Boring in it's simplicity.
But, to me, it was wonderful.
I had a dream about stability.
:iconmegan-malicious:Megan-Malicious 1 1
I Want Yours.
I want big blue eyes.
So I can feel adequate when I look in yours.
I want to tell better lies.
So I can see past all of yours.
I want some kind of strength.
A kind that even compares to yours.
I want to keep you at arms length.
And still be safe inside yours.
I want you...
But I just don't know what to do.
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United States
I try to maintain myself completely and stay calm as much as possible. I fail sometimes.

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I've been writing soooooo much since the break up. And all those pieces are just rotting away in my notebook. Fuck that. I'm putting them up here. Some of them were written a few weeks prior to the break up, so don't get confused by the present tense in some of them. BUT. They're all going up now. They're not in chronological order, I'm just putting them up at random.




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